Best Bible Study Available

 Best Bible Study Material Available

Plus 30 Hours College Credit!!!

LHBI Diploma best Bible Study

Every Christian knows that we need to study His Word. They want to use their time wisely by using the best Bible study material available. Give me just a few minutes of your time and let us show you how Liberty Home Bible Institute which we believe is the best Bible study available can make the important decision of how to study the Bible much easier. Become one of the 110,000 LHBI students that have made that commitment to learn God’s Word through Liberty Home Bible Institute since its inception in 1976.

LHBI Course Graduates to the 21st Century 

Dr. Harold Willmington is your teacher, who at 82 can still be found in his office on the Liberty University campus digging into God’s Word. In 2009, Dr. Willmington, directed a curriculum team to bring Liberty Home Bible Institute into the 21st century. After 5 years and thousands of hours of work Liberty University is proud to present the all-new Liberty Home Bible Institute. With its marching orders in place his team completely revamped and digitized the entire course. They make it more organized, easier to understand and done in a way that everyone will just get it!

The all-new Liberty Home Bible Institute is the most complete, concise, pointed and practical, all-inclusive best Bible study program in existence today! The program covers the Old and New Testament as well as Doctrinal studies. And, it is ALL prepared for you in 135 lessons.

  • 45 Old Testament Lessons
  • 45 New Testament Lessons
  • 45 Theology Lessons

All of your class textbooks, supporting materials and online access are included. You will love how the entire course is completely re-organized and easy for anyone to follow.

Each lesson containing a student guide, Dr. Willmington’s lesson notes in PDF, Bible Reading (both in PDF and Mp3 audio), MP4 videos and audio MP3s of each lesson presentation. Each lesson also contains a PDF of the transcript of the lesson presentation (completely edited with color illustrations). A teacher’s guide for each lesson was added which shows you step-by-step how to teach the material you just learned. There are pre-quiz reviews that help you pass all of your quizzes and exams. Finally, all the quizzes and final exams which are taken online and immediately auto graded. All of which is using a 21st Century online teaching environment.

Besides the video presentations and MP3 digital files, there are over 7,000 pages of supporting materials in the PDFs, which is like having a Bible reference library at your fingertips!!! You don’t have to buy anything else. You have the opportunity to take these college-level Bible courses from your home, computer, iPad, smart phone, car & more.

The Material You Receive 

The price of the all-new Liberty Home Bible Institute course is $1,750. (We are even paying the shipping and handling to any part of the U.S.). Make sure you check our scholarship and payment in full options!!!

Best Bible Study includes:

  • Four Student Textbooks – Old Testament, New Testament Gospels, New Testament Acts to Revelation, Theology: Doctrines of the Bible – almost 1900 pages of organized Bible knowledge!
  • Three course DVDs (OT, NT and Theology) each containing:
    • Student Study Guides
    • Bible Reading in PDF and audio
    • Dr. Willmington’s Lesson Notes
    • Lesson Presentation MP4s
    • Lesson Transcripts completely edited for easy reading
    • Lesson Presentations both in MP4 video and MP3 audio
    • Pre-Quiz Reviews
    • Teachers Guides
  • PLUS Student Online School Access account


Bible Knowledge is Power 


As this copy is written, I am looking at the first book of the Bible. It tells us about creation, the fall of man, the flood, the Tower of Babel, the lives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph — and that is just the book of Genesis!

The world, confused by conflicting voices, desperately needs people whose daily lives blaze with the reality of God through His Word. But, in our churches, Sunday schools, and Christian organizations, we have become so skilled at speaking Christian language and doing religious activities that no one notices our spiritual staleness and disobedience.

We need to return to the tried and true method of discipline and teaching, Christian, to become effective so each of us can and truly change the world for the cause of Christ.

How do we change the world? STUDY God’s Word!


The Bible is your resource for absolute truth. In a day of spiritual confusion, moral relativism, and intellectual hypocrisy, you hold in your hand a direct communication from God, which gives you spiritual clarity, moral certainty and intellectual revelation. The Bible consists of more than little black letters on a page. It is a “contract” in force between God and man. Every word is true and unchanging.


With the all-new Liberty Home Bible Institute we have made your task of learning the Word easier, more interesting and fruitful. Yes! It will change your life (that’s a promise from an 82 year old Bible lover). With the Liberty Home Bible Institute’s all new systematic Bible study you will see dramatic changes of spiritual growth in your life. Also, it will improve your outlook on life as you work to complete your lessons each day.

What you will discover in this Bible study course will change your life forever!

With today’s busy lifestyle the number one excuse we hear from Christians is I don’t have time to study the Bible. But according to God’s Word every Christian is a lifetime student.

Today is the day you must make that life-changing commitment to learn God’s Word by purchasing Liberty Home Bible Institute. Every one of us at Liberty Home Bible Institute truly believe the money and man hours we have invested into the new Liberty Home Bible Institute will make your task more rewarding.


P.S. Remember, through the Liberty Home Bible Institute, you will receive an Advanced Biblical Studies Diploma from Liberty University without quitting your job or uprooting your family. But the additional news is any student who successfully completes LHBI will be eligible for up to 30 hours of undergraduate credit at Liberty University, provided they otherwise meet the criteria for admission to Liberty University and admission to any academic program within the university. Successful completion of LHBI is not a guarantee of admission to Liberty University, of admission to any academic program therein and/or of academic credit.



Dr. Harold L. Willmington has prepared what we believe is the best Bible study available today. He is an author, educator, and a Bible lecturer to whom God has given the spiritual gift of teaching. For 58 years, Dr. Willmington has been using that gift to teach more than 110,000 students from all 50 states and 40 foreign countries. He is Dean of Willmington School of the Bible at Liberty University and has authored more than 20 books, including the best-selling Willmington’s Guide to the Bible, which has sold over 500,000 copies over the past 30 years and is a must-have in every Pastor’s library. Over 10 million recordings of his teaching are now in circulation worldwide.


President Liberty University Jerry Falwell Jr

Since the doors of Liberty University opened in 1971, we now have over 125,000 alumni, 2,100 who are serving as senior pastors in America and an additional 1,000 families who are serving as missionaries of the Gospel across the globe. They studied the Bible right here at Liberty University with some of the greatest Christian professors and Bible scholars in the world!

Perhaps you have always wanted to attend Bible College, but at this point in your life, attending Liberty University is just not possible for you. Through the Liberty Home Bible Institute, you can receive a Bible Studies Education without quitting your job and uprooting your family. You can earn an Advanced Biblical Studies Diploma from Liberty University right in the convenience of your own home.

If you were to check on tuition and fees at most Bible colleges, you would find that it would cost $10,000, $15,000 or even more to get this type of complete Bible education. However, tuition at Liberty Home Bible Institute for the entire program of study is only $1,750! And now for a limited time…you can receive $300 scholarship toward the tuition cost of Liberty Home Bible Institute. You can enroll today for only $1,450, that’s a 90% savings over the cost of a year’s study at most Bible colleges! If you pay in full today, we will deduct an additional $200 of the tuition cost, bringing your total down to $1,250!

Any student who successfully completes LHBI will be eligible for up to 30 hours of undergraduate credit at Liberty University, provided they otherwise meet the criteria for admission to Liberty University and admission to any academic program within the university. Successful completion of LHBI is not a guarantee of admission to Liberty University, of admission to any academic program therein and/or of academic credit.

Because of your desire to learn the Bible, Liberty Home Bible Institute has pre-approved financing where you can pay your tuition in low monthly payments. And your spouse (or any other member of your family living in your home) may enroll in Liberty Home Bible Institute along with you for only $97.00! You share the same course materials. But each student receives his or her own online student access, exams and individual Diploma of Advanced Biblical Studies upon graduation.

Remember, your $300 tuition scholarship will not be available forever, so please enroll today.

To enroll, choose your enrollment option here or call 1-800-446-5424 (9 to 5 E.S.T. Monday – Friday) and place your order on your credit card and get started right away. Whatever you decide, please do it today. I look forward to hearing that you have joined our over 110,000 students that have already enrolled in Liberty Home Bible Institute.

In Christ,
Jerry Falwell, Jr.
President, Liberty University
Lynchburg, VA